Where is my missing Weekly Letter?

The Weekly Letter is sent at 12:00 AM Central Time every Sunday. (That's CDT or CST depending on the time of year.) The emailing system delivers the Weekly Letter over a timespan of about 12-13 hours after the send time. This helps the letter get delivered consistently to everyone who has signed up for the letter. 

If you are already signed up for Adriene's Weekly Letters and were receiving the emails but now they aren't arriving anymore, there are a few possible things going on. First, check back later in the day in case it was delivered later than you were expecting it. 

If your Weekly Letter email did not arrive today, here are some of the most common reasons for this:

  • The email landed in your Spam, Junk, Other, Promotions, or even Trash, instead of your Inbox. Search those other folders and when you find it, move it into your Inbox. This will help future emails from Adriene to arrive in your Inbox.
  • Your email service updated their spam filters or their spam filters are out of date. Try adding "letters@yogawithadriene.com" to your contact list, safe senders list, or whitelist.
  • Your email is too full. Try emptying your email. Don't forget those other folders, like spam, junk, promotions, etc. Those fill up rather quickly.
  • Your email might have gotten lost in cyberspace. We're sorry about that. That is out of our control. Occasionally that happens, but usually, it is one of the reasons listed above.

If you continue to not receive the Weekly Letter anymore after trying those things listed above, please send us an email at Support@fwfg.com from the email address you are signed up with for Adriene's Weekly Letters and we can troubleshoot it further for you.

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