FWFG Mobile App Support

App Support is now built into the app. Just tap on Help to contact App Support. 

App Support can help you with app-related questions or issues and in-app subscription questions. 

All subscription plan changes or cancellations for in-app subscriptions can only be managed in your account where you subscribed to the in-app subscription: Apple, Google Play Store, Roku, or Amazon. 

Please note, we do not have any control over in-app purchases. When you subscribe directly through the app, your subscription and payment information is with one of these third-parties, we are not able to cancel it for you or issue any refunds. You can contact the App Store, Play Store, Roku, or FireTV for a refund if needed. It is at their discretion if a refund is issued. 

We recommend that you make any changes to your subscription plan at least 24 hours before it is set to renew. You find information on managing your subscription within the app too.

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