Questions about Ads on the YouTube channel

On the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, we run ads at the beginning of the videos to help support the free library there. Sometimes you might see an advertisement before a video that is political or does not seem to fit with YWA. Please know that we have limited control over which ads run on our videos. 

There are three main components that contribute to the ads you see:

  • One part of the system we have some control over. We have blocked all political ads, as well as other keywords that might be for ads that do not align with our principles. 
  • A second part of the system we do not have control over. This is how you might still see political ads, even though we blocked all political ads. This is especially true during election season in the US.
  • The third part is out of our control too and is based on your IP address and internet search/viewing history. These types of ads might be targeted directly to people within certain demographics or viewing history. 

This above information only applies to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. Our Find What Feels Good membership (at and on the FWFG app) is our streaming subscription service and since it is a paid subscription, all content on the FWFG membership is ad-free. All of our downloadable courses available to purchase at are ad-free too.

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