How does the 30 days of yoga work and where can I sign up for BREATH?

January 1, 2021, starts with a Welcome/Orientation video from Adriene to set you up for the next 30 days. Then on January 2, we start with the BREATH Day 1 yoga practice. A new video will be released every day for the whole month of January. 

Sign up here to receive a daily email from Adriene as a companion piece to your BREATH journey. The daily love letters embrace the poetry of yoga, offering insight and tips. This is where we connect on matters outside of the practice video that can make our asana practice richer. Expect quick daily reads to lift your spirits, inspire you to ask questions, to give you something to write home about. 

This 30 Day Yoga Journey will focus on active asana and strength building. (Congruent with past 30 Day Journeys, if you have done one) In the welcome email you can read about a paragraph from Adriene addressing this, but expect to move! Sign up and learn more. 

You can sign up for BREATH- A 30 Day Yoga Journey at


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