What happens if I miss a day and fall behind?

It's okay. Pick back up where you left off and continue. Don't feel like you have to do multiple videos in a day to "catch up". It's your journey. Return to it and keep going. 

If you are doing BREATH live with friends and you miss a day or get sick and miss a couple of days, permission to jump back in on the current day. You can go back and do the videos you missed later or repeat the entire series from start to finish on your own time after the live rollout ends on Jan. 31, 2021. 

This series has been designed like a good book. So if you are one to go back a reread a page if you fall asleep while reading it, then please feel free to resume with the day you left off with if you miss a day. This is your journey, and while there is a special energy that comes with going through the 30 Days in real time as it is released, permission to stretch your journey over 30 days or more, following the videos in consecutive order as they were designed. 

Commit to the entire 30 day series in a way that feels good for you. 

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