How to Redeem a Find What Feels Good membership Gift Card

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Current Members

If you already have a Find What Feels Good membership account through us, you add the gift card balance to your account. Log in at, click on the Dashboard, and go to Billing. There you can redeem the gift card and add the gift card to your account. The next time your membership plan renews, the gift card balance will be applied to the renewal fee. If the gift card is not enough to cover the renewal fee, then the credit card or PayPal you have on file will be charged for the remainder of the renewal fee. 

Please note, if you are subscribed with an in-app subscription, you will need to cancel that in-app subscription first in order to redeem your gift card and add it to your Find What Feels Good membership account. In-app subscriptions are managed through third-party subscription providers (Apple, Google Play, Roku, and Amazon) and the payment information for in-app subscriptions is outside our system and so a gift card cannot be applied to an active in-app subscription. 

New Members

To redeem your Find What Feels Good membership gift card, click on the Start Your 7-Day Free Trial button at to begin.

This is a 2 step process.

Step 1

Click on the "Have a gift card?" link. Redeem the code and create an account. The redeemed gift card amount will be added to your account balance.

Step 2

While logged in, go back to the join page or click on any video in the library (via the 'Get Access Now' button) and select a subscription option. During the checkout, your gift balance will be applied towards your chosen subscription. 

Please note, a monthly subscription is $9.99 and an annual subscription is $99.99. Be sure to pick the subscription that matches the amount of the gift card. If you were gifted more than one month but less than a year, select the monthly subscription plan.

If you select a subscription plan that is greater than the amount redeemed with the gift card, then a credit card is needed when you set up your account to cover the remaining cost of the subscription plan after the gift card balance is applied. If you do not want the membership subscription to auto-renew at the end of the current subscription time, you can remove the credit card from your account after initially setting up your subscription. 

We hope you enjoy your gift membership! Check out the other Help topics on this page if you have any other questions about the membership. You can also contact our FWFG Support team through this page.

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