Where is my missing daily email?

If you signed up for the daily emails for a 30 Days of Yoga series at 30 Days of Yoga - The Daily Emails and you received your first email a few minutes after signing up, then you are on the list for Adriene's daily emails for that series.

If your daily email did not arrive today, the most common reason for this is that it landed in your Spam, Junk, Other, or Promotions folders in your email, instead of your Inbox. Search those other folders and when you find it, move it into your Inbox. This will help future emails from Adriene to arrive in your Inbox.

If you still cannot find it in any of those folders, your email might have gotten lost in cyberspace. We're sorry about that. Some elements like email delivery cannot be guaranteed. We are not able to resend individual emails since the emails are sent out through an emailing system that sends them based on when an individual signs up. Thank you for your understanding.

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