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On the newly updated app, you can add videos to a new or existing playlist.

  • Open the video
  • Click on the three lines below the video player
  • Click on Add to Playlist
  • Save to an existing playlist or create a new one
  • Playlists can be found under the Account Tab (your profile picture)

Important information about Playlists -

The iOS and Android mobile apps now allow you to create your own customized video playlists, to order, organize, control, and play videos, in the way you want, on the go!

A few quick facts about Playlists:

  • Playlists are only available on mobile iOS and Android apps, right now
  • Playlists are in the accounts settings, like favorites.
  • You can add a video to one playlist, or multiple playlists, from the video player
  • Collections cannot be added to playlists
  • Create up to 7 playlists
  • Rearrange the order of videos in a playlist, by tapping and dragging
  • Swipe to delete videos
  • Playlists conveniently include autoplay, to automatically start the next video
  • At this time, there is no shuffle, no suggestions, and no playlist sharing. Also, playlists do not sync across devices, or get saved if you log out, and log in again.

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