The FWFG Kula is a free private space for the Yoga with Adriene & Find What Feels Good community. It is a place to connect with others about yoga and living life the FWFG way.

You can watch an introduction to the FWFG Kula by Adriene here or the video below.

You are invited to join us! Head to www.FWFGKula.com to request an invite to join. We try to send out your invitation within a day after you sign up. Sometimes the wait can be a little longer over weekends, holidays, or busy times. 

There is also a free FWFG Kula app you can download for iOS and Android to keep up with your Kula friends on the go. Just search "FWFG Kula" in the App Store or Google Play Store for the free community app.

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