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If you have trouble logging into the website at or the app, try these suggestions below.

For the FWFG website:

If you still cannot log into the FWFG website, please send us an email at Support with a screenshot. Please include the following:

  • Email address used for your membership account
  • Screenshot showing the error when you try to sign in

For the FWFG Mobile App:

  • Be sure that you have the newest Find What Feels Good app (the one with Benji on it)
  • Clear the app from your device history and try to log in again with your email address and the password you used to set up your FWFG subscription

If you still cannot log into the app and are on a mobile app, please contact App Support directly through your FWFG Apple or Android app by clicking HELP.

On any other FWFG membership app, please send a message to Support by click on the Contact link at the top and bottom of this page or sending an email.

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